National Innovation & Technology Network

Driving Economic Transformation Through a Network of Regional Innovation Nodes

Our Mission

The National Innovation & Technology Network is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that drives economic transformation through its network of regional innovation nodes. 

Each node serves as a catalyst that galvanizes a community, provides economic opportunity and vitality, and drives systemic and sustainable change ensuring generational impacts.

Our Focus


From an early age, students should be presented with the variety of career options available - and equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in them.

Workforce Development

Human capital is a competitive advantage and is the greatest need of the tech and innovation sector.

Research & Development

Successful R&D programs serve as the foundation for future growth and a critical component of the overall ecosystem.

Marketing & Communications

The ability to clearly and concisely communicate to a diverse audience of both internal and external stakeholders is critical.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Organically growing opportunities is a key to long term success and sustainability; and plays a vital role in culture development.

Economic Development

The primary measures of success are the creation, attraction, and retention of jobs.

Core Objectives

Focus on Solving National Challenges

through a ‘local/regional’ approach to deliver solutions with real world application.

Establish Regional Innovation Nodes

to serve as the catalyst for driving economic opportunity and diversity around innovation and technology.

Build a Robust Talent Pool

to serve as a catalyst for job growth that drives both the local/regional and the national economy.

Introduce Innovation & Economic Opportunities

to a broader audience that includes diversity of geography, socio-economics, race, gender, and others.

Create a Network

of regional innovation nodes to leverage economies of scale and resources which mitigates risk, reduces cost, and accelerates impact.

Core Values

It’s all about people – making life better for our families, our communities, and our country.

Boundaries were meant to be moved. With the courage to develop new ideas, we can discover what’s truly possible.

Data Driven:
Trust your gut. And leverage your data. Failing to use your data will only slow you down.

Truly impactful programs must be able to stand on their own.

Connect the Dots:
See what others don’t. Then bring it all together. That’s when real change happens.

Always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Be a change agent. Transform. Improve. Grow.

Near Term Goals

Build a strong, diverse team of leaders, change agents, go doers, and innovators.

Identify potential strategic locations with unique assets that have not been fully utilized.

Create a Talent Development and Placement engine that ‘feeds’ innovation communities.

Establish three new regional innovation nodes over the next three years.

Create a diverse portfolio of funding streams.

Expand the impact of the regional innovation node in Arkansas.

Our Founder - G.B. Cazes

  • A technology executive with 20+ years experience across public and private sectors, focusing on digital transformations leveraging software, data, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and strategy.
  • Successfully launched a cyber research park that included a 3,000 acre overlay district, the construction of multiple state-of-the-art facilities, and the creation of thousands of jobs.
  • Led the design, development, and implementation of a comprehensive academic outreach program that became a national model for cyber education. This program was implemented in all 50 states.
  • Strategic thinker and influencer who has worked with local, state, and federal leaders to form strategic partnerships and develop high impact programs across education, workforce development, technology commercialization, and economic development.

Join us in impacting communities across our nation.